About Us



At MICROBE’S DEN we put a lot of thought into what makes the ultimate shirt: perfect for all body types, cut for an easy fit through the shoulders, chest and waist. To make you love it, the stiffness of the collar, the texture and finish of the fabric, the way it fits you perfectly and continues to do so wash after wash and the way that it makes you feel in control and ready for anything.

We make sure our products are desirable, accessible and in season for our customers where ever they are. We strive to be agnostic and advocate what’s best for our customers. MICROBE’S DEN takes immense pride in welcoming you to our online department store, that offers you the convenience to shop for some of its best lifestyle brand online anytime, anywhere.

We want our customers to be relaxed when browsing our store and to enjoy a memorable shopping experience. The concept of our store reflects our philosophy of quality and innovation. It emphasizes the fusion of the modern and contemporary with sometimes vintage quality and heritage. The style is quite unique and interesting to browse through.

 We’re sure you’ll enjoy and like our stores and thank you for your interest in us.

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